Our Story:    

Frank Van Bussel and Sons Limited is a family operated business incorporated since 1954. Gerry Van Bussel followed his dream and helped design and construct an apartment building for adults. The quality and uniqueness of this building is unequalled in the area.

Gerry was originally told by an architect that the apartment would be uneconomical to build. That summer the architect went to visit his mother in Europe. When he came back he told Gerry to go ahead and build the building. Gerry asked what had made him change his mind? The architect explained how his mother had just moved into the nicest place she has ever lived in but commented that it was the loneliest place she has ever lived in. That is what Vintage Green Apartments is all about: People Gathering with People.

Vintage Green Apartments consist of thirty-six luxury, controlled entrance, and rental units designed specifically for 55-plussers. The building has a European flair and is designed with three floors constructed above of an underground parking garage. The elevator brings one from the garage and the lower level of the clubhouse to the apartments that are built around an atrium. From the inside balconies, with the lovely glass railings, one looks up at forty skylights and a natural wood ceiling. It makes the building light and spacious. Furniture is arranged in the corners of the atrium so one can gather with friends. It gives the occupants and visitors a sense of unparalleled luxury.